Interview: Melissa Duncan (Battling Breast Cancer)

melissa duncan battling breast cancer
melissa duncan battling breast cancer

My next interview is about a friend of mine dealing with breast cancer, a single mom with (more…)

My 2013 Year in Review

Well, at the very beginning of the 2013, our family dog Tally passed away. Two weeks before she passed I carried (more…)

Pinterest – Are you on it?

So if you are not then you better get on it quick!

Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network

I heard about this site maybe, six months ago on facebook of a fanpage I frequent about (more…)

Happy Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness month! : D

This year I decided to dress up as a Crazy Pink Fairy because it was my daughters idea. Naturally, every year when I am sure what to dress up as I just take the queue to dress up as whatever my daughter (more…)

New things coming to Beach Body!!! : D

The Beach Body Summit was this week and they shared some exciting news for the Coaches of Beach Body. The first announcement was that they will have the new Shakeology flavor of PINK Tropical come out (more…)

October: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month :)

Here I am pictured with my chihuahua Sheesha, wearing my pink “Save The Tatas” t-shirt to talk about Breast Cancer month. I think its important to get examined regularly with a mammogram for breast cancer, (more…)