Going Crunchy and How to Do it

Going Crunchy and How to Do it

Going Crunchy and How to Do it
credit: rawforbeauty.com

First, what is Crunchy
Adjective. Used to describe persons (more…)

Congrats Marriage Equality now Legalize Pot?

This morning after I woke up I saw my newsfeed on my facebook filled with same sex marriage, I didnt understand why till I saw that the Supreme Court Legalized Same Sex Marriage Nationwide 5-4. Kind of (more…)

Legalize Pot

legalize pot
legalize pot
Hmm well after finding out that two states that have legalized pot football teams were going to the superbowl, I thought (more…)

Happy 420! Health Benefits of Smoking Weed


Pill popping nation

Pill-popping replaces healthy habits

I was just thinking today how since 4 years ago, I take pills for everything I imagine I would never have to need them for.

Currently, I am taking my anti-depressant (more…)

Pizza is a vegetable, Walnuts are illegal drugs…what? Part I


When I first read this I thought okay possibly since if you look at the top of the pizza (more…)

Mom of 4 in Prison for use of Marijuana


Our justice system pisses me off! You are going to throw her in prison for a little marijuana yet Casey Anthony (more…)