Make $480 Earn Free Digital Camera TRAINN

Make $480 Earn Free Digital Camera TRAINN

Make $480 Earn Free Digital Camera TRAINN

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Make $480 Earn Free Digital Camera TRAINN – Please read this THOROUGHLY and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS

USA and (more…) Update

Review: Superior Freebies

Superior Freebies Payment Proof
Superior Freebies Payment Proof



I am a Freebie Agent which is a basically (more…)

January 2016 Update

medifferentthings First off, HAPPY 2016!!! I decided to use this picture on the left because, well its pretty damn cool if you ask me and I will use another before this blog post is done.

Well its now 2016 and for those (more…)

June 2015 Update

babymeThats me after 3 shots of 1800 Reposado Tequila with my cat Baby sleeping behind me, also known as my old bitch, shes kind of sick but not really because she still behaves in good health (she has some (more…)

Healthy and Wealthy 2014

1stjuice  Well to start off, I decided to start juicing this year and joined a friend’s Facebook group called “Juicing with Tyo” (linked with photo) . Trying to get into the habit of juicing everyday. I am also (more…)

Freebie Queen

I started, GPT or Get Paid To back in 2005 with smaller paid to click sites like beehive mail. You can read more about that HERE (click here). Here are just some of the Freebies and Prizes I have received:

I (more…)