Hello February 2017 Update

Well, already two months into the new year, still just focusing on my main business Enviralizer but still want to keep up with eBay and Swagbucks and I also started a new business Endless Xpressions where (more…)

Fuck Valentines Day!

IMAG7059 I dread this stupid holiday every year, its so annoying. I have no problem being single and have been for the past 7 years but this holiday just pisses me off. (picture on the right is my pic, saw some (more…)

Black Sinatra Sings Valentines Day Song

Entertainer Raphae De Ximon I feel can simply be described
as “Black Sinatra”
Within the first 5 seconds of the video he completely grabs your attention and that’s that.
Oh and can we just mention his (more…)

Review: Jewelry In Candles

Sorry my www.JackiesCandles.com link is not working at the moment. But to learn more CLICK HERE

First what is Jewelry in Candles? It is basically a candle with a jewelry as a prize inside.

Now there (more…)

Valentines Day for Singles – My Thoughts on Love and Shit

valentines day for singles
valentines day for singles
I HONESTLY hate this time of year, I know its just one day but I always try to ease the burn a little. (more…)

Happy Valentines Day 02.14.13

I had been hating on Valentines Day for as long as I have been single and yes, that is the truth I hate V Day when I am single, plus its a commercialized (more…)

Shake Review: Tropical Shakeology

Tropical, Greenberry and Chocolate Shakeology

After waiting for MONTHS, I think even years for the Tropical Shakeology, it has finally came out Valentines Day and delivered this morning by Fedex! : (more…)