Congrats Marriage Equality now Legalize Pot?

This morning after I woke up I saw my newsfeed on my facebook filled with same sex marriage, I didnt understand why till I saw that the Supreme Court Legalized Same Sex Marriage Nationwide 5-4. Kind of (more…)

Food Review: Papa Johns Garden Fresh Pizza

Food Review: Papa Johns Garden Fresh Pizza
Food Review: Papa Johns Garden Fresh Pizza

Im addicted to Papa Johns Garden Fresh Pizza. I think the last two months I have ordered (more…)

June 2015 Update

babymeThats me after 3 shots of 1800 Reposado Tequila with my cat Baby sleeping behind me, also known as my old bitch, shes kind of sick but not really because she still behaves in good health (she has some (more…)

Time to Lose Weight

time to lose weight
time to lose weight

I have officially met my cap for weight gain. 160lbs. My steady weight for a long time was 145lbs but now (more…)

Food Review: Red Baron Brick Oven Pepperoni Pizza

First I would like to say, I have been a bzzagent for a few years now. I try to stay on top of their requests and was happy to be chosen for their latest campaign for Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza. 🙂

When (more…)

March 2015 Update

Jewelry In Candles Rep
Jewelry In Candles Rep

Okay so things are working out a little differently then I had planned initially at the beginning of the (more…)

December 2014 Update

pinkearthI didnt want to put another picture of my face as you see enough of it on my blog :p so I figured an pink planet symbolized how I am feeling at the moment.

Right now it is around 7:30pm I am having (more…)

My 2014 Year in Review

Ever since I was in the hospital in February 2012, I have wanted to become a CNA. FINALLY, 2 years later in March 2014 I decided (more…)

Happy Vegansgiving!

IMAG5229 I decided to become Vegan this year and you can read more about that on my Vegan Blog.

Anyway my plan was to prepare myself a real Vegan Thanksgiving meal which was a mild success.

First I need (more…)

July 2014 Update

me0714Almost forgot about my quarterly update. A lot has been going on. In July I got two home care clients as a Self-Employed Trained Nurse Assistant.  (Picture on left is taken at my clients house yesterday)

I (more…)