Top 10+ Tips for Weight Loss

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss

Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss

For the past hour, I have been searching on for an article (more…)

Time to Lose Weight

time to lose weight
time to lose weight

I have officially met my cap for weight gain. 160lbs. My steady weight for a long time was 145lbs but now (more…)

Right on Point David Wood of Empower Network

David Wood of Empower Network

“The biggest problem that Network Marketing companies have is at the top – here are some of the things (more…)

Visalus under Scrutiny

Back in August 2011 I was a Visalus rep briefly because of the BMWs, celebrity endorsements, flashy big checks, parties and I loved their marketing! You can read about that HERE

Anyway this year, Visalus (more…)

More FABULOUS Updates from Moi! ;)

Hello All! Time for some fabulous, fabulous updates to report regarding myself, my blog and my other adventures! : D

First, my blog has doubled in visitors between the month of July and August 2011! (more…)